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  • Load goods into U-Boxes at your leisure
  • No need to load and reload at a warehouse
  • Each U-Box is at ground level with a large door for easy access
  • Call to have your U-Boxes delivered when you need them!

Moving and storage that's easy

Most space

Compared to the competition, U-Haultrucks have the most capacity in the industry. For example, our exclusive 26' Super Mover is 13% larger than our nearest competitor. In fact, you can store 60 more medium-size boxes in our truck than our competitors' trucks. That means you won't have to leave anything behind when you choose us.

Lowest decks

By lining up our truck side by side with a competitor's truck, it's easy to see a big difference in deck height. Our trucks were designed for families to load right from their house, while our competitors' trucks were clearly designed to be loaded by professionals at a loading dock.


Click to enlargeEach of our trucks has towing capability. Our 14' truck can tow up to10,000 lbs, and even our smallest truck, the 10' Thrifty Mover, can tow6,000 lbs.



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